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Nicolay Tesla Holz does not come to you to speak about his past, his smarts or education. Instead, he is here to tell you that we are all equal and have a spark inside of us. This spark is as much his history and biography as it is yours. It outweighs any credentials and tells you about your true potential.

… So it says in the book. But seriously, who is NTH?

Residence, Youth and Education

NTH is a Canadian who lives in Toronto and is a father of two. He was born and raised in Germany and completed the MSS school system in the Rhineland, specializing in English, mathematics and physics. After immigrating to Canada, Nicolay attended one of the major Canadian Universities and graduated with a double specialist degree in computer science and economics. Eventually, he also graduated from the Shiatsu School of Canada and became a Dipl. of Shiatsu.

Work and Academics

Finding employment at the same university, he worked as a technical support specialist among academics for close to 10 years. However, NTH never felt the need to continue his education at the graduate level. In his heart he is an idealist who believes that graduate titles, such as doctorates, should be awarded by merit and not mass produced. In the light of recent events in Europe in which academics were stripped of their titles after their dissertations were re-examined, he feels justified in this belief.


Although Nicolay has made several inventions, he has refrained from registering them. One of them is a mechanism or engine that can accelerate itself or a craft from within its own relativistic frame of reference, without having to interact with any other relativistic frame of reference. This practically means that a craft neither pushes off any matter in the environment, nor expels fuel into it. The engine specifics were secretly entered into an engineering simulator of a major North American university and quickly erased when they checked out as expected.

“Patent laws were not made to favor inventors”, says NTH by way of explanation on the topic why he will not patent his inventions. Why should it be necessary for an inventor to pay for his invention every calendar year? Once the papers are filed and registered, just exactly what huge effort is being made to justify further charges? Patent laws were made to favor big business and to maintain the status quo.

If an inventor can’t find a way to market his invention right away, he is better off not registering at all. Large international corporations can simply produce in another country or wait until an inventor can no longer afford to pay the overly large international patent fees.

His life experiences also support this view: NTH has an inventor friend who was bankrupted by a large German corporation. The natural ingredients contained in his friend’s patent were chemically mimicked by an artificial, industrial process that put Jimmy out of business. Jimmy, once a successful entrepreneur and the inventor of the modern day cockroach remedy, is now a truck driver.

A wine maker who lived in the village that NTH grew up in had the brilliant idea to build himself an extra narrow tractor to drive through his vineyard. Word got around quickly, but before NTH’s neighbor could patent his work, a tractor builder adopted his invention and was quicker to get to the patent office than the inventor himself.

In the 80ies and as a teenager NTH became acquainted with an inventor who had found an alternative way of heating houses that uses 95% less energy in comparison with conventional means. The system used hollow objects, called “energy trees” through which a liquid, similar to a freon, was pumped. The liquid was cooled to a temperature below the outside temperature by means of a heat pump. This allowed the extraction of heat energy from the environment, even at temperatures below freezing. This inventor had obtained a weapons license and was wearing a concealed firearm for self-protection after his house had been invaded. One of the major British oil companies had forced him to sell his patent at gun point to make the patent disappear.

Last but not least, most modern day wine brewing kits contain a patent that was conceived and patented by NTH’s father who became financially too weak to fight against the takers.

These kinds of experiences leave a permanent imprint on you and make you approach life in a different way. Besides that, NTH considers some inventions to be too dangerous and thinks they should not be publicized through the patent registration process.

Alternative Energy Technologies

In 2003, when the Miller administration came to power in Toronto, the city’s garbage was shipped across the border to the Carleton Farms Landfill in Michigan, USA. At this time NTH offered the Miller Administration an alternative solution that could have dealt with the city’s garbage problem: An industrial sized pyrolysis plant, operating in a similar manner like the one in Burgau Germany, but with the additional bonus that it could turn garbage into oil and its lighter fractions with next to no emissions. NTH’s late father had spent the better part of his life putting together this technology.

The plant had been designed in Germany and even came with a functional warranty that made its implementation riskless for the city. The proposal was immediately and outright denied by the Miller administration.

Although industrial sized pyrolysis has already proven itself in Burgau since 1982 and for over 30 years, it has also proven itself to be a worldwide impossibility to find a government or a branch of a government that would embrace the riskless, functionally warrantied plant design. The ability to not only reproduce the results in Burgau, but to surpass them and to turn garbage into the resource that it really is, appears to be completely unpopular. Not surprising when you consider that alternative sources for oil and fuel are also suppressed.

NTH’s father used to drive his diesel on light cooking oil: better emissions, cheaper, but naturally made illegal, no doubt because the general populace is not meant to realize that we have never had and never will have an oil shortage. If you enforce compliance on not using cooking oil instead of diesel, then the ability to do so becomes just another conspiracy theory.

Zero Point Energy Technologies

There are zero point or free energy technologies. NTH not only knows about them, but can explain exactly how they work. What is more, he understands how one can continuously store and accumulate free energy in a small space. What does this create however? Something very useful, but also something that can create extreme damage in the wrong hands.

With some tinkering and effort, “that something” can be built in a space no bigger than an ordinary garage and probably with less money than the car that is parked in it, explains NTH. Nobody would want the technologies required for this kind of build to be given away freely in a patent description. However, for his own protection NTH has let a few others in on his secret, so that it is made public in the case that there is interference by those who have an interest in suppressing technology.

The Need for 100% God Proof

We are living in a significant age in which these simple, yet dangerous technologies cannot be hidden for much longer. Yes, they have been hidden and for good reasons. What is particularly disturbing is how simple it is to make free energy. That is why we need “100% God Proof”! We need to truly understand how connected we are to each other and that we cannot turn our backs on even a single person who is in some kind of need or distress.

The power to destroy the entire planet through technology will soon be in the hands of every person, not just governments with nuclear weapons. Truly, in this day and age we are lost without God and we all have to become our brother’s and our sister’s keeper.


Although NTH has proven God’s existence through quantum mechanics, matters were not always as clear cut for him. By nature, he thinks in scientific terms, bucks unexplained authority and rejects mindless dogma. For him, things need to make sense and cannot simply be prescribed. Unlocking the meaning of scripture has therefore become and exciting activity. Having been an atheist himself, NTH understands only too well why many people don’t even want to talk about God after they were forced into mindless obedience when they grew up. This is one of the major reasons why his book is now undergoing a title change.

Although he encourages it, NTH does not feel the need to attend regular religious services himself. He prefers to focus instead on his own spiritual practice and the seeking of God in the “stillness of the self”. Of late however and because of his son’s interest in church services and music, he has joined a church choir and enjoys a tight-knit community.


For more than a decade, Nicolay was a member of the Bujinkan Dojo under the leadership of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. He studied Taijutsu, developed in-depth knowledge of movement and the connection between mind and body. After he received his black belt, he was offered further promotion, but refused for reasons of privacy. At that level of training you start rubbing shoulders with too many members of the CIA and other international intelligence agencies. “The higher you rank, the more interested they become in you and I had no interest in that”, explains NTH. Eventually, Nicolay withdrew from the art because he felt that his teacher had become tired of teaching and engaged in morally inappropriate behavior towards students to thin his classes out.

For some time NTH studied with a guru, but knew that the relationship could not last. Whenever I consider studying with someone, I look at the senior students that the teacher produces, says NTH. When I do not want to become like them, I eventually have to go my way. About spiritual teachers he says that one should never forget God’s promise – “Seek and ye shall find!” – and that God is the ultimate teacher.

Although Nicolay has many interests, such as music, the activity that he has consistently been returning to is table tennis. He holds a competitive National Coaching Certificate and focuses on the development of biomechanically correct motion. His many years of studying movement in the martial arts are helping him to this effect. Many players have described him as doing Tai Chi at the table.

Future Works

“100% God Proof” is only the beginning. It was pruned down by approximately 28,000 words (about as much as 1/3 of the current book) that can easily become the basis for a second, more practice oriented manual to follow “100% God Proof”.

NTH is also in the process of developing an exercise system that is rehabilitative and that everyone can practice, independent of age, fitness level, health or even injury and disability. This system hopes to formulate the basics of an exercise method, the possibility of which was first mentioned in one of the works of the late Yogiraj Selvarajan Yesudian. Naturally, this exercise system will draw upon many of NTH’s experiences and it will be very unlike Yoga. Although it has already been christened, its name will not be made public until its launch. There is still much work to be done and it could take a number of years.

At his core, NTH is creative and a writer with imagination. It is therefore not surprising that he has several story books for yet unwritten novels. However, given the importance of “100% God Proof” and other works in the making, they have been pushed towards the end of a long list of creative literary endeavors.


NTH’s opinion on democracy is very clear cut: Being presented with a few options and having to cast your vote towards “bad”, “terrible” or “abominable” is not a democracy. Especially when all of those choices are always manipulated by the money lever and politicians have puppet masters behind them that pull their strings after they get into office. For this reason NTH usually spoils his ballots as a political statement.

He says that he will truly start voting when a “Referendum Party” is formed with the objective to use technology whenever possible to give the people, i.e. the “demos”, the power to decide, i.e. “kratia”. According to NTH it is only a matter of time until the general population realizes that the internet can be used to create a true democracy. After all, if you can collect tax information, you can also promote a setup that allows citizens to become permanently involved in political decisions through referendums.

Besides that, he observes that over time more laws are made than abolished and that our lives have become more and more restrictive, especially for the general populace who, in contrast to the ones who manipulate the system and hold our politicians hostage, cannot put forth law to favor them.


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