Please Be-Aware

“100% God Proof” is a self-published book and we broke away from our publisher. True to the teachings of “100% God Proof” we will not focus on or engage in any negative talk about this change.

With further improvements to “100% God Proof”, the book will be going into its 2nd edition. As part of the improvements, it will also published under a different title:

“Spiritual Medicine for a New Age”

We decided to do so to please readers that prefer words other than “Proof” and “God” and in the title of a book.

At this point in time, the original “100% God Proof” can be considered a rare book. It has been treated as such by vendors who stocked up on it and who are charging a price that is much higher than its original list price.

We therefore recommend that you wait until the 2nd edition enters the market. The predicted publishing date is mid September 2017. It will only be published on Amazon. When it is available, this page will contain a button labeled “Buy the Book” that will take you to Amazon.